6 simple tips on how to write stunning blog post articles  

Take time to think about your Titles  

It may seem obvious, but how much time do you actually spend? We would expect to spend at least 30 minutes on a title, it may seem a bit excessive but it’s important to do your research. searching for the best wording. However, if it doesn’t drive traffic then what is the point? 

Always avoid writing misleading titles aka Click Bait 

This may be a great way to drive traffic short term, but all those people that were disappointed by the actual delivery are very unlikely to return because of this cheap trick. All this will do is increase your bounce back rates and give you a bad name and no one wants that! 

Find the perfect keywords  

You can reach your SEO Targets even more efficiently by researching and using the keywords in your blog post title. There are many sites and software’s that help you identify the most effective keywords; Google AdWords tool is always a safe bet.  


So, you’ve found the keywords you want to use in your title, but now that you have them don’t put them just anywhere! Try and position the keywords at the beginning at the sentence. This is a general SEO tip that work both on people and robots, basically we’re all very impatient and don’t tend to read the whole sentence. So, if it doesn’t say what we are looking for in the first few words we go to the next result and robots will list your post further down.  

Use numbered lists in blog titles 

 Researchers have found blog posts that included a numbered list in their title performs 45% better on average compared to those that don’t. Make sure a numbered list format actually fits the content of your post, don’t use it just so your title pops you want your post to make sense. 

Meet your new best friend the thesaurus!

Blog titles have to be relatively short, so you have to choose words that make the most impact. Thesaurus site can be a great tool to help you start thinking outside the box. Your title needs to be as succinct but also as descriptive as possible. Play around with wording and phrasing until you find the right fit.  

All of these tips seem very simple and obvious but when you follow all of them together, they’re an effective tool that can help boost traffic and conversions.  

What you waiting for apply these tips to your posts today! 

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