Your failures make you successful!. Yet another paradox! Paradoxes are fascinating for many reasons including the fact that they reinforce the notion of balance being the natural order of things.

Balance brings about peace, stability, symmetry, equilibrium, yin-yang etc! No independence of wrong or right, black-white, night-day, hot-cold, good-bad etc. etc. etc. just a reaffirmation that both sides need to coexist for harmony. So that deals with the X and Y axis but what about the Z axis?.

What does all this mean, you ask yourself? Simply, failures are to be embraced not seen as a negative because without negative how would one know and appreciate positive!? There are significant lessons and values to be realised from what one may perceive as failures. In fact, your so-called failures are actually necessary for your success! Change your perception of failures and embrace them as stepping-stones to your success whatever you define that to be. Of course there are always 3-sides to a story hence the Z-axis i.e. your-side, the other person’s-side and The Truth!

Viewing any incident or event from all trajectories provide perspectives otherwise missed. You see you may only be looking at things from your tunnel-vision as to why a particular outcome was reached which you may classify as a failure without having a holistic view of the necessity of that so-called failure to trigger a series of events to bring about an overall perceived success which itself may be viewed as a failure from another trajectory!

So failures and successes are subjective depending on the onlooker. So what is success? There are so many definitions, the best I’ve found is “The progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.” Ask any successful person how they viewed their failures in correlation to their success and you will overwhelmingly hear them say that their failures were directly related to their success! Would you like to know how to turn your failures into success? Contact us today to get started.

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