Go global and mobile. Traffic and rankings are great, but if those visitors don’t convert into actual money it doesn’t matter. The Internet and World-Wide-Web has been responsible for making more millionaires than any other method in the history of mankind. Knowing how to take advantage of opportunities using the Internet and the web to generate serious money is a skill that very few have mastered. Having a website and/or mobile app is one thing but how do you get it to convert traffic to actual revenue? A plethora of things have to be taken into consideration from the planning, conceptualisation, designing, coding, building and implementation to the UX (User Experience), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media, Marketing, CMS (Content Management System), Affiliate Programs etc. have to be all taken into account in order to achieve real success. I can help you with making the Internet and world-wide-web work for you by putting together a winning strategy specifically for your needs.

You ask how is it possible to become a millionaire using the web and Internet? I will furnish you with a simplified answer. There are in excess of 7 billion people on our planet today. More than 2 billion of us use the internet and this is growing rapidly everyday. The challenge is then to be able to convince 1 million of those people to give/spend just £1 or $1 with you (on average people spend £948 a year online). The Web, like a spider-web is an international network of computers and mobile devices connected and integrated together to enable people all over the world to interact socially and commercially to do business and have fun. I can help you develop a website, web and/or mobile app to market your products and services that is not only aesthetically pleasing to represent you professionally but functional, optimised to be fast, efficient and search engine friendly. I will then help you using these tools to build a virtual community that supplements your physical community (the aim is to reach 1 million people within a specific time). Simultaneously I will help you sell to these people by accepting PayPal, credit card payments or even cryptocurrencies, using e-commerce.

In reality, you will have more than one product or service and your product or service will cost more than £1/$1 and customers will spend more than £1/$1 on a single item. For simplicity, let us assume your product or service costs £10 and you are able to, with my help, reach and sell it to 1 million people. Your turnover is £10 mil (10 million pounds!) Using the law of averages and the fact that the internet and world-wide-web together with the blockchain is based on a “numbers game”, even with fluctuations, I am sure you can see how possible it is with the right support and guidance to make 1 million pounds using The Web and Internet. If you are serious about making real money using The Web and Internet then complete the form below and lets get started today.

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