Three quick Techniques to reduce Facebook ad spend 

Social Media Marketing has fast become the way you interact with a younger audience and those in the know. It also allows you to target a specific segment of the market that is relevant to you. There are of course pros and cons but the cost doesn’t have to be one of them!

Keep reading to find out how you can create cost-effective Facebook ads.  

Before you even contemplate running a Facebook ad, you need to be clear on these things. 

What are your main objectives? 

 Is it to build Awareness, Consideration or Conversation. 

In Facebooks ads manager you will be able to select the options that best relate to goals and outcomes you would like to achieve, it can range from watching your video, webinar sign- up or website visit. It is important to be clear in your objectives, as Facebook target people who are most likely to perform these actions. 

This is one way that you may be losing money, by not being detailed enough with your goals Facebook may not have been targeting the right people. To ensure that you do there are loads of free coding that you can copy and paste into the ad manager which specifically tells Facebook what you want to achieve in a format that it understands.  

What are you offering? 

Step one may not be your issue, you may have selected your goals and outcomes very precisely, so why are you not getting the response you expected? One possibility is that what’s being offered isn’t as appealing as you may think. 

This can be a hard fact to come to deal with but slightly adjusting your offer may be the key. Start by answering these questions: 

  • Does it solve a specific problem? 

  • What is the perceived value? 

  • How are you making it irresistible to the end-user? 

 Look at what your competitors have done and learn from their strengths and weaknesses, you can also put together a survey and send it out to a small number of your audience to gain some of their input. By having the research and extra information behind you are more likely to run cost-effective Facebook ads as it’s less of a guessing game. 

Format Format Format 

Facebook allow you to use various ad formats, each one has its own benefits when analysing the conversions. Images will typically drive a high click-through rate and a slightly lower conversion rate. Whereas Videos will generally convert better on the landing page. 

This depends on the video, of course, but it’s likely conveying a lot more information through the ad, which makes the decision on the landing page easier from the prospect’s perspective. 

The user experience on the landing page of your website is more difficult to measure. But if it’s poor, you not making a good first impression and the data will generally tell you. 

You should assess the user experience across your landing pages. We recommend that you start with Mobile devices as 53% of all web traffic came through mobile devices in 2020. Assess the content you put up, the quality and the length. 

These three techniques can help you step up your Facebook ad game and allow you to save some pennies in the process! 

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